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 Simple Cell Phone Jammer

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PostSubject: Simple Cell Phone Jammer   Tue May 15, 2012 1:10 pm

A “Cell Jammer” is just way of saying “Dirty Transmitter” which happens to transmit within the Cellular Phone Bands. Reality is, the dirtier the better.

The 555 timer [8 pin] IC simply makes a noise. It’s coupled via C4 [electrolytic] to modulate the MRF transistor oscillator. With C1 set at roughly 1/3rd, you will be close to 900 MHz. By sweeping the C1 trimmer capacitor, you can swing the output frequency from 800 MHz to 2 GHz with the transistor and values shown.

You could replace the 555 chip with an electret microphone and listen to yourself talk on a scanner, so the unit could easily couple as a UHF Bug.

Instead of a single Tapped Coil, I’ve used two molded inductors for ease of construction.Values for C1,C2,L1,L2 are critical for the frequency range.

You might want to build the unit into a metal box, add an on/off switch in the batteries line, and maybe even add a LED. Connect an old 800 MHz cell phone antenna to C5.

Would you believe the whole thing can be built on top of the 555 IC itself when using surface mount components, and the lot will fit onto a nine volt battery clip. Output is reasonably good, although the current drain is a bit high, so a new 9 Volt battery will only run about an hour, [if you are lucky].

The “Cell Kill Distance” is around 10 – 15 feet, ample for most purposes.

Designer & Author: Special thanks to Laszlo Kirschner.

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PostSubject: Re: Simple Cell Phone Jammer   Thu Aug 15, 2013 1:20 pm

Jammers can be beneficial if used properly to block unwanted signal under certain circumstances. However, it may also work with bad effect as well especially when used maliciously by someone. For example, The Cell Phone Jammer prevents people from making emergency calls too. A mobile mobile phone will end up being a hurdle within the public airwaves and therefore the rights of those to make use of their cellphones is going to be infringed. The worst a part of using the jammers is it also disrupts the significant of pacemakers within the hearts of some patients.jammerfromchina.com
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PostSubject: Re: Simple Cell Phone Jammer   Wed Jun 11, 2014 1:01 pm

As you know that the mobile phone signal jammer can cut off the signals of the mobile phones and soon make it impossible to make phone calls or send messages. In this way when you need the peaceful condition and want to stay in it, you can just use the best mobile phone jammer to help you achieve your goal. And now as the technology develops with high speed the advanced cellular phone jammer has come into the market and are well welcomed by the group of people who need the jammer product.
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PostSubject: Re: Simple Cell Phone Jammer   

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Simple Cell Phone Jammer
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